Roster editors rejoice!

Posted April 9th, 2007 at 12:56 am

360 keyboard

Microsoft has officially announced a keyboard attachment for the Xbox 360 controller. The main reasoning behind the need for the keyboard is being attributed to the new Windows Live Messaging features being introduced in the spring update. However this will surely be a great addition for anyone who spends time editing rosters in sports games. While the use of a USB keyboard is supported by the 360, this attachment actually will be much more convenient and cut down on the time spent inputting information.


It appears to be slightly larger than the keyboard on my Sidekick as well as many other phones that are out now. After using it for a short time it became quite easy and quick to type with. I suspect that will be the case for most people with the new controller attachment. I know I would prefer it over having a seperate keyboard set up and switching back and forth between that and the controller.

The attachment is set to come out sometime this summer, price as of yet unknown. Hopefully it’ll make its way out before the release of games such as NCAA Football 08 and All-Pro Football 2K8.