First info on All-Pro Football 2K8?

Posted April 10th, 2007 at 11:35 am

All Pro Football

A member of the Operation Sports forum BadBoy49er has received the May edition of Game Informer magazine, which contains the first preview of All-Pro Football 2K8.

All Pro Football scan 1 All Pro Football scan 2

Among the highlights according to that member:

Ok first the graphics
This is definitely an early version because it looks like its not even XBOX 1
Although it is mentioned the graphics were very early and they would be improved

Now for the info i know you guys really want
ill just make bullet points

-No crib
-No first person football
-They have late hits
-You wont be able to recrete NFL teams or players
-No euphoria engine ( at least the way they spoke of it)
-greatlly improved animation engine
-Injuries actually take into account the type of hit and angle
-They do away with the 0-100 rating system. They now use a tier system that takes into account +/- rating in many different catagories.
-Stadiums are very animated, for example one team is named the Rhinos and the stadium has a giant animatronic Rhino built into it.
-Crowds now have 64 different types all with 64 different types of animation.
-AI is GREATLYimproved, running backs now actually use cutback lanes and dont get themselves caught behind the line
-O-line/D-line interaction has been greatly improved as well
-They say early footage they have seen shows great improvment in transition animation which makes the game run even more smooth than before.
-They have much more complicated animations now, for example a QB throwing on the run while being hit

It’s safe to say that there will be a huge level of disappointment if all of this is true. The big thing that stands out is not being able to replicate the NFL even through editing. Many people assumed that the game would be fully customizable down to just about every detail.

“Play the game and shut up”? What happened to wanting to please the fans who have stuck by the company though the years? At least don’t insult them.

Where is the intrigue? Where is the pull that is going to make people want to buy this game? Sure there will be more announcements made about the game to come, but in a first look at the game you would expect the big idea or something exciting about it. If the preview is summed up properly, I sure don’t see that.