Too little, too late?

Posted April 18th, 2007 at 7:23 am

Eckstein in The Show

SCEA has finally released a trailer for the PS3 version of MLB 07: The Show which is currently tagged for a May 15th release. Until now only a handful of screens had made their way out. The game has gone through multiple release date delays which has caused it to fall well into the baseball season. Those factors have caused worrysome chatter to become dominant. Was the game even going to be released this year and what major problems were causing the game to be pushed back?

Well we don’t have an idea on the second part of that question, but it seems safe to say that at the very least the game is coming. How good it will be remains to be seen. Click here to view the trailer.

From watching it’s easy to recognize why there may be some hesitation to releasing media. The graphics and player models are sub-par for what you would expect from the PS3 (thats actually being kind). This is even more bothersome coming from a 1st party developer. Some of the animations don’t look quite right as well. Obviously that is just about all you can take from this as it isn’t going to demonstrate on-the-field gamplay. If that is on the money then I think some of the visuals could be overlooked.

Overall though this is certainly concerning because trailers are constructed to make the game look as good as it possibly can. Even bad games can have kick-ass trailers.