First hands-on impressions from NCAA Football 08

Posted April 26th, 2007 at 7:46 pm


IGN has posted up the first hands-on impressions from NCAA Football 08 as well as a new sizzle trailer. There should be even more in the coming days as there is a big NCAA Football event taking place in New York City as I write this.

Some of the things noted within the impressions:

-Game was described as being in “mid-alpha” stage. So still relatively early in the development cycle

-The “Hit Stick” has been improved. You now flick the stick up to attempt a high tackle, or flick it down to attempt a low tackle. You’ll need to use it strategically as smaller players like a CB would be more successful going low on a RB that is charging him.

-On offense you now have a hurdle button instead of the game deciding when you should hurdle on its own

-Home Field Advantage is in but there is no “stadium pulse”. How the HFA is implemented still hasn’t been discussed.

-Gang tackles are in and seem to be realistically implemented

-Players move and cut more realistically

-Having the game run at 60fps makes a huge difference