Applications for Madden Nation Season 3

Posted May 9th, 2007 at 1:13 pm

The third season of the ESPN reality show Madden Nation is now in the process of casting and the application can be found here.

This is a show that does a disservice to Madden fans, EA Sports, and gamers in general.

The spotlight falls on ego-driven, immature, brash and annoying individuals who will do anything it takes to win games. That includes exposing flaws in Madden and using those advantages to win a videogame contest. Stereotypes confirmed! It’s not a test of who is the best at Madden, it’s all about who can cheat the game the most effectively.

ESPN is the only winner here producing a show that is relatively cheap to make and gets enough viewership to be profitable. Unfortunately this sensationalist brand of show does the numbers needed to keep it going and not force a change to the formula.

I will not be watching another minute of Madden Nation. The couple times I have tried to, it has almost made me nauseous and ashamed to be a part of the online Madden community that people see those on the show as representing.