The uproar over corrupted 360 roster files

Posted May 13th, 2007 at 6:15 pm

This is Sparta!With the recent Xbox Dashboard update it seems that many roster files were intentionally corrupted. At the same time, specific consoles from the distributors were locked out. You can read up on the details here.

This in effect would keep people on the 360 from transfering saves (which include rosters) from one console to another. In the past, this is how those files for college games were distributed.

While panic and outrage has set in, it really isn’t much of a concern. In all likelihood, NCAA Football 08 will make use of the EA Locker. The Locker was last seen in March Madness 07, and created a much easier and more fluid way to transfer roster files amongst the users. Simply having the file in your locker allowed anyone on your friends list to retrieve it and use it for themselves.

If all the EA games make use of the Locker feature, I would actually be glad to hear about the saves not working in that traditional manner. It should cut down on the jackballs who create (or in many cases steal) the rosters in order to profit off them. Surely the NCAA would be glad to cut into that business. If there is no EA Locker, then yes this will be a real problem.