Madden 08 Power Rankings (27-22)

Posted May 16th, 2007 at 3:31 am

Over the course of the next couple weeks I’ll be posting up my power rankings for Madden 08 based on the current NFL team rosters. Below are 27-22, and you can find 32-28 here.

27- Cleveland Browns

The Browns had a good off-season and great draft. Adding Jamal Lewis behind an improved offensive line makes them a more effective offense. But relying on a rookie QB and rookie LT ratings wise is a problem (at least at the start of the year).

26- Miami Dolphins

Daunte Culpepper would still make for a good Madden QB, Trent Green would be a mediocre one. Randy McMichael is a signficant loss to the team. Jason Taylor, who’ll likely be rated 99, is a great player on the defense but not much else stands out there.

25- New York Giants

A few teams clearly got worse over the off-season, the Giants being maybe the most visible example. Losing Tiki Barber is huge, and the offensive line has question marks. Don’t forget that Eli Manning is still the QB, about as mediocre as they’ll come in the game.

24- Green Bay Packers

As long as Brett Favre is playing, he’ll be a great QB to have in the game. There are a handful of impact defensive players which makes them solid on that side, but the offense will struggle especially with the running game.

23- Kansas City Chiefs

Damon Huard is not the guy you want in the game, especially when you consider the team still has no go-to receivers. Drafting Dwayne Bowe will just mean another low-80 rated WR on the roster. Still have Larry Johnson to rely on, but the offensive line isn’t as good as last year.

22- New York Jets

The Jets are a middle of the road type. They played well as a unit last season, but that doesn’t always translate into Madden where there is a stronger emphasis on individuals. Thomas Jones is the big addition.