NBA Live joins the producer blog party

Posted May 22nd, 2007 at 2:16 am

Arenas NBA Live 08 coverThose behind developing NBA Live 08, such as Lead Producer Brian Ullrich, will have blogs detailing different aspects of the game and process behind creating it hosted on IGN throughout the summer. Madden recently started the wave of producer blogs, being featured on the EA Sports website and now as well on IGN. The first one for NBA Live is up now.

Nothing really new comes out of that particular entry that hasn’t been covered elsewhere such as in my first look write-up. I think I’ve had enough of the “focus is 5 on 5 basketball” line by now also, really looking towards getting past that with some fresh info. Yet the blog is still a good thing to check in on. Apparently a look at some of the new gameplay features and what has been done with different areas such as online play and even the presentation will be discussed in the future.