Padre is a happy, happy man tonight

Posted May 23rd, 2007 at 2:03 am

It has been a long time since I can remember being this excited about something off-the-field. I've had the chance to watch the Seahawks go to the Super Bowl, which is the pinnacle thus far overall. The Sonics playing in the Finals against the Bulls in the 90s, and watching the Kemp-Peyton connection will always be fondly remembered.

But tonight, I actually feel as if I won the lotto, as the Sonics pulled the unlikely ending up with the 2nd pick in the draft. That likely means it will be Kevin Durant coming to Seattle. Not only does it bring in a potential franchise player and the excitement which comes with that, but it literally could save the franchise.

Talk of the team moving to Oklahoma City or Las Vegas has dominated the headlines over the past year. Can they actually move the team now? Will the city pony up for the new stadium? I have a faith that it will get done now. Catching this break could very well be looked back upon as the moment where everything changed.

When the 5th envelope was opened and it was shown to be Boston, that meant that Seattle was in the top 3. And Celtics fans, you should consider the karma of showing off Oden jerseys before anything is drawn, kinda got what was coming there. Being the pessimist that I am, and knowing all too well disappointment relating to Seattle sports, over the next couple minutes of commercials I figured we'd get screwed and get the #3 pick which is a huge dropoff from Durant or Greg Oden. But alas, things actually worked out well for once and a feeling of pure adrenaline pumped through me for probably an hour after that.

I never figured it would happen. Sure I hoped for it, however I went just knowing the team would end up at #5. Probably take a retarded player like Joakim Noah, some foreign dude, or some high school project. But nope, it won't happen this time.

Even wilder is Portland, who would've chosen 6th, ending up at #1 meaning Greg Oden will join up with Brandon Roy. It was a huge evening for the Pacific Northwest. The region loves basketball, it just needs a reason to believe.

This time the climate has changed in Seattle. It's not depressing any longer. Renewed optimism and hope abound. And it is all thanks to a ping pong ball.