A sign of a release date for All-Pro Football 2K8?

Posted May 25th, 2007 at 4:33 am

APF 2K8 Logo

No official announcement of the release date for APF 2K8 has been made as of yet. Thus, the speculation on it continues.

Gamestop and EB Games have changed the estimated ship date for the Xbox 360 version on their websites to Monday July 16th. However the PS3 version continues to display the date of August 14th that had previously been listed for both. Best Buy’s website has a mid-July date shown of the 15th and Gamefly shows July 18th.

If this holds true it would put All-Pro Football in stores on the same day as NCAA Football 08 on Tuesday July 17th.

Generally the release dates on the Gamestop/EB sites would not change without reason. While this is not confirmation of a July 17th release date it certainly adds some merit to the thought of a July date, which is widely believed to be the prime period that it could hit the market and have potential for success. Preferably that would be to make its way out prior to both Madden 08 and NCAA Football.

Going up against Madden on August 14th would’ve essentially been suicide. However going up against NCAA Football isn’t very appealing either. If it were to come out on the same day the majority of football game fans will be purchasing NCAA. That would lead those interested in APF into a 2nd purchase of a football game in one day. Asking consumers to shell out $120 at once is a tough thing to expect them to do. APF has to be looked at as having potential as a companion title. The majority of those purchasing it will also have Madden and/or NCAA. That is why beating both out and being the only football game on the market for a period of time could be so critical to its success.

Sooner or later 2K is going to have to officially announce the release date for this game. Fans looking forward to this game have already grown impatient with the lack of marketing (outside of telling them to shut up of course). Yet the most concerning thing should be that the company has not even solidified a date.