Madden 08 Power Rankings (Top 5)

Posted June 4th, 2007 at 12:20 am

And now the top 5 in the power rankings for Madden 08.

Previous 32-28, 27-22, 21-16, 15-11, 10-6.

5- New Orleans Saints

New Orleans looks a lot like they did last year, with the exception of Joe Horn departing. His loss shouldn’t cause too much damage to a very good offensive unit. Because of the weapon categories, players like Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, Deuce McAllister, and Marques Colston should benefit. The defense which ranked 11th last year should hold steady.

4- Indianapolis Colts

Indy comes off the Super Bowl win so obviously they are going to be a powerful team. Peyton Manning will be better than ever in Madden, as will Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne. Yet the defense took a signficant hit. The losses of Cato June, Mike Doss and Nick Harper will be felt. They may have one of the worst secondaries in the league now. They’ll give up points. But like the Bengals, Rams, and Lions before them, their offense has the potential to make up for that and more.

3- Denver Broncos

Looking at the Broncos the only real question comes from QB Jay Cutler and even he seems likely to get the strong arm weapon. Yet with the talent around him and a very good defense they still shape up as one of the best teams for Madden this year. Adding in Travis Henry gives a more reliable runner behind a still above average offensive line. However even bigger were the additions of Dre Bly, Daniel Graham, and even Brandon Stokley. Imagine a 2 WR/2 TE formation with Javon Walker, Rod Smith, Daniel Graham and Tony Scheffler. Or drop a TE and bring in Stokley. Oh and good luck passing on the CB duo of Bly and Champ Bailey with John Lynch behind them.

2- San Diego Chargers

In Madden the Chargers won’t be dealing with the complete turnover of their coaching staff. Because of that they come into the year as a top Madden team. Player movement wise there was very little done. Donnie Edwards (sure to have the smart LB weapon) leaving is disappointing. Antonio Gates helps to make up for a sub-par WR unit. Philip Rivers has become one of the better QBs to have. They’ve got MVP in LaDainian Tomlinson at RB, and also recognizing his receiving skills all the while mixing in Michael Turner. So much flexibility and options for the offense. One of the best rush defenses in the league and a secondary unit that improved from the year before.

1- New England Patriots

Whether it works out or not remains to be seen, but there is no question the hype that has been built due to the Patriots off-season moves. Tom Brady will be more effective in the game now, and he has many more weapons to throw to. Randy Moss is the biggest name and he has always been one of if not the best WR in Madden. Add in a burner in Donte Stallworth and defenses are going to have a tough time dealing with them. Adalius Thomas comes in on defense to beef up that side. New England has the most players with weapon status in Madden with 14.