A handful of NCAA Football 08 achievements slip

Posted June 9th, 2007 at 12:41 am

Following a long pass completion in one of the recent videos from IGN an achievement was unlocked. Soon after the person playing the game pulled up the blade to reveal the list of achievements. It seemed to be accidental as it was immediately closed and cleared off the screen. However I paused it at that point and pulled off the ones that were shown. The Xbox 360 achievements displayed were:

-Complete 30 yard pass (10)

-Throw 4 TD passes in a game

-350 total passing yards

-200 total rushing yards

-Player passing record in a game

-No interceptions in a game

It also said that there are 50 different achievements to be unlocked.

Compared to NCAA 07, the only one that is new from that bunch is the “player passing record in a game”. There was a total of 50 last year as well.