Weekly Recap: June 4th-10th

Posted June 10th, 2007 at 12:25 am

This was a huge week for news, so much so that I felt obligated to recap everything that went down into one post to be referenced from.

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All-Pro Football 2K8
Cover art (6/5)
Soundtrack revealed (6/5)
First set of screenshots (6/6)
First video to air on Friday night (6/6)
More screens released (6/7)
Feature list (6/7)
The most ridiculous screenshot yet (6/8)
Trailer (6/9)
24 Screenshots from the trailer (6/9)

NCAA Football 08
Stadium screenshots (6/5)
Current gen producer blog (6/7)
Dynasty screens (6/7)
Notes on the four new videos (6/8)
Dynasty mode details (6/8)
10 toughest stadiums revealed (6/8)
Handful of achievements slip (6/9)
Recruiting video walkthrough (6/9)

Madden 08
Four new screenshots (6/5)
Father of the Year contest (6/7)
Gang Tackling video (6/8)

The Bigs
Full list of achievements (6/8)

Nascar 08
Producers answer questions (6/8)

NHL 08
First details and screens (6/7)

Original Padre content & site updates
Madden 08 Power Rankings Top Five (6/4)
Heading towards the true multiplayer experience (6/6)
About page added (6/8)