Tons of NCAA Football 08 impressions to come this week

Posted June 11th, 2007 at 12:34 am

NCAA Football 08 community dayEA Sports is hosting a community day for NCAA Football 08 on Tuesday June 12th. Representatives from several sites will be attending and will be reporting back their thoughts on the game following a signficant chunk of hands-on time with it.

This is the first time that EA has ever held an NCAA Football community day. Those who are familiar with the info that comes out of them knows how valuable they are and what a great opportunity it is to get impressions and questions answered from the people who had time with the game. It provides for a better perspective for the hardcore fans and a larger flow of information than the manufactured style of reporting that comes from major media sites.

Expect the first reports to start showing up late Tuesday night and more to follow over the course of the week.