First NBA Live 08 gameplay videos

Posted June 16th, 2007 at 2:59 am

IGN has posted up two gameplay vids from NBA Live 08 with a build dated June 14th. One features the Lakers vs Suns and the other has the Finals matchup of Cavs vs Spurs. You can view the videos through IGN’s video page. You can also view them here via youtube by clicking through to the full article.

These were rather short clips and the selection of them seems curious as they don’t show off much or anything exciting in particular.

This does however give a chance to get familiar with the new default camera angle which is more of a broadcast style. There is also a good look at the arena and atmosphere of the crowd. The darkened crowd look that was in effect at Staples this year is represented well.

Compared to what I saw at EA last month these came across as less impressive. Now we concentrated mostly on looking at some of the specific improvements to gameplay and not as much of the game in the back and forth rhythm so that could be part of it. The 60fps made the game flow much better in person and I don’t think that really translates into these two videos.