First screenshots from and details on NHL 2K8

Posted June 20th, 2007 at 1:03 pm

2K Sports has released the first look at what to expect from NHL 2K8.

Utilizing 2K Sports’ NHL Signature Style, NHL 2K8 will highlight unique player characteristics never before seen in a hockey game. To complement their true-to-life attributes, marquee players will be fitted with branded equipment including skates, sticks, pads and helmets – becoming visually recognizable on the ice.

Building on the success of NHL® 2K7, we have developed a title that is a truly accurate portrayal of the game and how it is meant to be seen and played,” said Greg Thomas, President of Visual Concepts, a 2K Sports studio. “NHL 2K8 represents the complete next generation gaming experience and showcases the talent and experience of the development team. NHL 2K8 is an incredibly realistic hockey simulation and we are proud to create such an exciting video game.”

Not a surprise seeing signature style make its way into the NHL games. Seems that is the way 2K has been headed in all their titles as of late. It doesn't seem as if sig styles in hockey would be as pronounced as those in other sports though.

This should be an interesting year with NHL 2K8 and NHL 08. The majority seemed to prefer EA's title last year however it wasn't as if 2K's was considered far behind it in quality. NHL 08 is looking like another step up and that it will provide what the gamers have been asking for. 2K is going to have to match that and more this year.

The screens show definite improvement and that is demonstrated clearly in the two comparison shots. View the full size images by clicking the thumbnails below.

NHL 2K8 screenshot 6  NHL 2K8 screenshot 5  

NHL 2K8 screenshot 3  NHL 2K8 screenshot 2  

NHL 2K8 screenshot 4  NHL 2K8 screenshot 1