Weekly Recap: June 18th-24th

Posted June 24th, 2007 at 6:18 am

Gametrailers really pushed out a lot of videos for NCAA Football and Madden this week. It dominated NCAA Football’s content, while Madden had a handful of other things going for it as well due to the producer blogs. Specifically, the blog discussing the blocking may have gotten the best reaction across forums of anything EA has ever put out. All-Pro Football was dominated by marketing discussion. NBA Live has been showing itself off and has the community day event this coming week. There was a sprinking of info on a handful of other games. The Bigs releases this week but the promotion seems to have stopped a few weeks ago. Hopefully reviews will be out soon and they should generally be favorable.

NCAA Football 08

3 videos (6/19)

Features tutorial video (6/20)

Notre Dame scoring drive video (6/21)

Three more videos (6/21)

And two more videos (6/23)

All-Pro Football 2K8

30 screenshots *since been removed* (6/19)

2K marketing taking hits (6/21)

Madden 08

Gameplay video (6/19)

3 gameplay videos (6/19)

Producer blog highlighting player specific celebrations (6/19)

RB screenshots (6/20)

Co-op confirmed (6/21)

Seven more RB screens (6/22)

Producer blog on blocking (6/22)

99 rated players (6/22)

NBA Live 08

Gamepro looks at upcoming NBA Titles (6/18)

Upcoming community day (6/20)

Go-to moves video (6/21)

Additional features revealed (6/21)

Tiger Woods 08

Trailer (6/19)

Early look (6/22)

NHL 08Screenshots featuring new jerseys (6/22)


First details and screenshots (6/20)

The Bigs

Demo coming next week (6/22)

Nascar 08

New videos (6/18)

PadreCasts, Site Updates, Misc.

Who should go #1 in the NBA Draft? (6/23)