NBA 2K8 not being shown at E3

Posted July 11th, 2007 at 12:06 am

Chris Paul NBA 2K8Unfortunately it seems that 2K Sports has pulled NBA 2K8 from its E3 lineup. This was one of the more anticipated sports titles as no one has seen or heard from it yet. Meanwhile NBA Live 08 has pushed out an unheralded amount of advertising, early media and hands-on impressions and it is being shown at the event.

We know that Chris Paul will be the cover athlete as first reported here on 7/4, however 2K has yet to even come out and take the first step of officially announcing that news. It probably would've happened this week if the game was on display at E3. The above picture has since been added to 1UP's page for the game.

GamePro discussed the three NBA titles noting how nothing was out on 2K8 but plenty was out for Live and even NBA 08 and that was three weeks ago. At that point I think most people assumed there would be at least something out come E3. In previous years the NBA 2K franchise has appeared at E3 and those took place in May, not July like this time around.

I don't see this as any reason for specific concern. It has become 2K's M.O. to not really show off their games until late in the process. I think people expect a little differently with NBA 2K8 though because it has been such a solid and satisfying game the past couple years and there still is plenty of time until it comes out. There is a level of trust there from fans of the series.

2K Sports will be concentrating on All-Pro Football 2K8 which releases next week, and NHL 2K8 which is slated to come out September 4th. It would've been great though to know some of what NBA 2K8 is going to offer this year. Now the wait will be on for that to happen, and hopefully it doesn't stretch on to the point where frustration begins to settle in.