NCAA Football 08 highlight video and screenshot requests

Posted July 13th, 2007 at 10:15 am
NCAA Football 08 flip

If you would like me to make to capture a screenshot of a specific team or player, or if you would like me to create a highlight video featuring specific team/s or a player, this is where you can let me know.

Leave any details you would like to see in the comments. The more specific you are the better. If there is a song you would like to go along with it you can mention that as well. 

Because each video takes a couple hours from start to finish, I won't be able to do one for everybody. I'll be choosing at random. However I will try to at least get one screenshot for each person who asks for one of those.

Latest screens and videos posted Monday afternoon 7/16.

Continue through to view the screenshots and clips that have been completed so far.

NCAA Football 08 OSU 50-1  NCAA Football 08 OSU 50

NCAA Football 08 OSU 28-1  NCAA Football 08 OSU 28

NCAA Football 08 Memphis 3  NCAA Football 08 Memphis 2  NCAA Football 08 Memphis 1

NCAA Football 08 Jake Locker 2  NCAA Football 08 Jake Locker 1

NCAA Football 08 Bowling Green

K State #2  Rice RB

NCAA Football 08 Percy Harvin Florida  NCAA Football 08 Minnesota

NCAA Football 08 Georgia Kelin Johnson  NCAA Football 08 Georgia Brandon Miller  NCAA Football 08 Georgia Thomas Brown

NCAA Football 08 Army 37

Miami QB  Miami #9

Kansas State Stadium 2  Kansas State Stadium 1

Tulsa home jersey

Penn State RB  Penn State fumble return TD  Beaver Stadium


Florida: Flea Flicker and reception by Percy Harvin #1. Click here to watch. 

Oregon @ Miami: Full first drive for the Hurricanes. Click here to watch.

Arkansas: Three plays from the Wildcat formation. Click here to watch.