NCAA Football 08 questions

Posted July 13th, 2007 at 10:29 am
NCAA Football 08 sack

I now have the game. Leave any questions you have regarding NCAA Football 08 here and I'll try to get to answering as many of them as possible. Gameplay, Campus Legend, player ratings and online play are really my focus. I won't be able to answer Dynasty related questions.

If you have player ratings questions limit them to no more than five. Also please specify team and number, not the name of the player.

Just go ahead and leave your questions in the comments!

Continue on to read the current questions and answers. Updated 7/15 in the PM.

(7/14 – AM) Will answer some of the ones I can now. If I skipped over yours its cause I don't know yet

opTIMus Prime: How good is the presentation in the game?

Its alright, nothing special. Pretty similar to year's past from what I've seen so far. 

will: how is the atmosphere of the game?

Mediocre. Similar to presentation it doesn't feel much different than last year. I'm a big fan of homefield advantage, and it just doesn't feel like one really exists.

Jeff: how realistic is the computer high schools you get to play?

Realistic in what way? The names of the schools are just cities that happen to be within that state. In terms of how they play, I've only gone through two full games, and I have yet to see any spectacular plays other than the occasional INT. They're not running trick plays or anything fancy. Just running a pretty vanilla style on both offense and defense. They're not horrible though either. Yeah they've only put up 3 points in each game so it hasn't exactly been difficult yet.

Shomari: In Campus Legend mode can you name your high school and your city? Or is it a list of predetermined cities and school names? Also can you determine who else is in the playoffs (cities and schools) and can you determine the stadium in which the state championship is played.

Yes you name your school. As I mentioned in a previous answer, the rest of the schools are just city names from that state. Its just a coincidence if it is the name of a real school. You don't get to name the other schools or choose who is in the tournament, they are in automatically.  I believe the championship takes place in a stadium that EA had previously determined, but I haven't gotten that far yet to say for sure.

riqmoney: online play, is there some type ea locker or a way you can play season game with somebody via online?

No. Just the standard EA online play stuff. Unless you count the highlight clip/screenshot feature as an online addition.

John: In the demo there appeared to be a lot of fumbles and injuries. Do you find it to be the same on the finished product?

I haven't played enough yet to say one way or the other. I will tell you that in my first game, I fumbled on the first possession as well as on the next kickoff return. So needless to say that concerned me. I began using ball protect more and that helped, but I don't think you should have to ball protect all the time to prevent against a high rate of fumbles. That is unless you're juking and hurdling all over the place, then you deserve it. There were a handful of fumbles after that point, but none in a cluster to where it got me worried. I'd say its probably happening at too high a rate still but I'll keep an eye on it. As to the injuries I don't think I've seen any yet.

Wes: Can the in-game video save feature videos be saved out to the web somehow? So they can be edited?

Yes. Download them from the website, then upload them to a site such as (youtube is saying they are invalid files). You can do some editing if you like in a program such as Windows Movie Maker, which if you have a Microsoft operating system you'll probably have on your computer already.

(7/15 – PM)

AUTigers12: if you could i would like to know the ratings for auburn players hb#1 hb#44 hb#9 and the top two rated wr for auburn….thanks alot

HB #1: 88 (listed 4th on depth chart), HB #44: 87 (listed as starter), HB #9: 81 (listed 2nd on depth chart). WRs: #80 is an 85, # 84 is an 85, #15 is an 84.

riqmoney: online is there a fair play mode

No fair play option

tarms: can u only have highschool’s in the united states or can u have schools from canada??

They have Canada listed as if it was a state. So there are the Canadian State Playoffs. There are 21 different cities to choose from for a hometown. Then you can name your team and go up against those cities in the tournament.