Plans for coverage of NCAA Football 08

Posted July 13th, 2007 at 12:44 am
NCAA Football 08 USC 7

I have the game in hand and have started towards the goals below. The plan is as follows…

Initially I will be playing some in order to form my impressions and compare to the demo while geting enough experience to answer gameplay questions.

I will be starting up my Campus Legend reports including screens and videos. I will begin as a CB. 

I will start up a thread for questions about the game and attempt to answer as many as possible. This includes ratings questions, which I don't know why but some sites/people refuse to do (although I'll have to put a limit on how many). I'll only be doing this if I do have the game in hand early though.

I will start up a thread taking requests for highlight videos and/or screenshots. In it I will ask for a specific team/s and even players that you would like to see, as well as any specific song you might like for it. Since these take a couple hours to make from start to finish, I won't be able to do one for everybody. So of the people who request one I'll choose at random.

So look for these things to really gear up later today and into the evening and really strong throughout the weekend. Postings for those things above will come shortly. Check back throughout the day to find out how things are progressing!