Madden 08 on the PS3 confirmed to be 30fps

Posted July 18th, 2007 at 5:23 am
Madden 08 Willis McGahee

***UPDATE: EA has confirmed to myself and several others that the PS3 version of Madden will be running at 30fps. This was done in response to the rumor that it would be at 60fps which turns out to have been a miscommunication. It will be running at 30fps on the PS3.*** 

Back on June 29th it was revealed that while the 360 versions of all the football games (NCAA Football 08, All-Pro Football 2K8, Madden 08) would be running at 60fps, the PS3 versions would only be running at 30fps. 

Then came word out of the NCAA Football Community Day on July 13th that EA was going to be able to get Madden to run at 60fps on the PS3. It came from a credible source in Shopmaster from Madden Wars.

I didn't do a write-up on this news at the time. That was due in part to being entrenched playing/covering NCAA Football, but also because the news didn't make much sense. Why would a statement regarding Madden be made by an NCAA producer? And if this was true, wouldn't EA have come out and announced that as fact? That would be positive news for them. At the same time EA certainly doesn't want to come out on their own and confirm the PS3 version being inferior making it a story for a second time.

To add to that, yesterday Bryan Intihar from EGM posted on the NeoGaf forum stating that this news was not true. That he had just confirmed with EA that Madden 08 on the PS3 would still be running at 30fps.

It seems the most likely outcome is that it will still end up at 30fps. For PS3 gamers it might be best to continue on with those expectations and if it ends up at 60fps its a bonus. However it only sets up for disappointment by assuming it will be 60fps and then finding out otherwise. (SEE UPDATE AT TOP OF POST FOR RESOLUTION OF THE TOPIC)