Details on the Slam Dunk Contest in NBA 2K8

Posted July 26th, 2007 at 1:57 am
NBA 2K8 Dunk Contest 3

Gamespot has posted hands-on impressions and some of the specifics to the new Slam Dunk Contest being introduced in NBA 2K8. You can read the article here.

It's stated that 2K is "looking into online play". Unfortunately that wording leads me to believe it won't happen this year. Even with NBA Live's Slam Dunk Contest over the past couple years it just doesn't do much for me because it hasn't been taken online yet. I don't have the patience to learn the system and how to pull off tough dunks if the payoff isn't going to be there. Just being a standalone offline event doesn't deliver that.

Regardless though for many people this will be a nice addition to the game so I'm certainly not faulting them for including it. It is somewhat curious though that the big unveil of NBA 2K8 concentrates on the addition of a Slam Dunk Contest. Rather than having the game playable at the event, only the Dunk Contest was. Probably not what most fans of the series were looking for at this point after having nothing released on the game to date.  

Hopefully some info and videos of the actual game make their way out soon. Given 2K's M.O. as of late, the concern could be that those things won't be revealed until after their next game that releases which would be NHL 2K8 in early September. Given the push that EA has been giving NBA Live 08, I'm not sure they can afford to wait that long.