Closer look at Create-A-Stadium and Superstar mode

Posted August 1st, 2007 at 1:37 am
Create-a-stadium endzones

IGN has posted two new Madden 08 articles. One details the stadium creator, and the other goes over Superstar mode.

Superstar is very similar to NCAA Football's Campus Legend mode although it has one element that is specific to Madden. The use of "weapons" in the game and working your player towards acquiring them. I do find IGN's assertion that Superstar was the "best thing about Madden 07" to be puzzling. While the concept was great, the horrible camera angles and other frustrating issues made it practically unplayable. I detailed how the mode could be improved following its release last year and it seems like they addressed most if not all of the points I made. You can read IGN's full write-up on Superstar mode here.

Being able to take the stadiums online should add a fun and unique aspect to the online play even if it only works when the games are unranked. At least it will be an additional option, as opposed to NCAA Football which had none at all. It is also noted that the team and stadium can be imported into Franchise mode. You can read IGN's full write-up on the stadium creator here.