More screenshots from NBA Live 08 and 2K8

Posted August 13th, 2007 at 6:32 pm
Carmelo Live 08

Over the past few days new screens have emerged for both NBA Live 08 and NBA 2K8. While NBA Live's continue to look incredibly impressive, these shots from NBA 2K8 are arguably the worst looking screens for a sports game on the 360/PS3 to date. Not only do they just look bad but they include multiple graphical glitches.

Continue through to find all the screens and click the thumbnails to view the full size images.

NBA Live 08

Vince Carter NBA Live 08  Dwyane Wade NBA Live 08  Tracy McGrady NBA Live 08

USA NBA Live 08  USA NBA Live 08  China NBA Live 08

Spain NBA Live 08

Pau Gasol NBA Live 08  Lebron James NBA Live 08  Elton Brand NBA Live 08

Chris Bosh NBA Live 08  Ben Wallace NBA Live 08  Gilbert Arenas NBA Live 08

Amare Stoudemire NBA Live 08  Tim Duncan NBA Live 08  Carmelo Anthony NBA Live 08

Italy NBA Live 08  Germany NBA Live 08  France NBA Live 08

NBA 2K8 

Chris Paul NBA 2K8  Baron Davis NBA 2K8  Baron Davis NBA 2K8

Baron Davis NBA 2K8  Baron Davis NBA 2K8  Chris Paul NBA 2K8

Chris Paul NBA 2K8  Dunk Contest NBA 2K8  Chris Paul NBA 2K8

Dunk contest 2K8  Dunk contest 2K8