Padre’s 08 Superstar Experience: Part 3

Posted August 13th, 2007 at 12:04 pm
Padre playoffs sm

For this writeup I remembered to up the difficulty to All-Pro and would look at how that affected the play on the field. After simming through the regular season the Saints made it into the playoffs as a wild card. Continue through to read a recap of the playoffs, a video showing some Padre highlights, and some notes on the off-season.

NFC: 1- Bears (12-4) 2- Rams (10-6) 3- Falcons (9-7) 4- Redskins (8-8) 5- Seahawks (9-7) 6- Saints (9-7)

AFC: 1- Colts (12-4) 2- Steelers (11-5) 3- Chargers (11-5) 4- Patriots (9-7) 5- Ravens (10-6) 6- Broncos (10-6) 

Wild Card: Saints @ Falcons

Padre is no longer the punt and kick returner and I'm not sure why. He's been bumped down to #5 on both even though he is rated a 99 at them. This was a tight game late as the score was 20-20 in the 4th. Padre forced a fumble after a reception with only a couple minutes left however the Falcons recovered it. Despite that the Saints forced a punt, and the offense drove down the field for the go ahead TD with :46 left. A couple hail mary attempts (which was neat to see) were unsuccessful and the Saints move on to the divisional round with a 27-20 win. Padre had 3 tackles (1 for loss) and the FF.

The game had a noticeably different feel on All-Pro. The opposing offense was much more efficient and only threw 2 INTs.

Padre playoffs Saints vs Falcons  Padre playoffs Saints vs Falcons

Divisional Round: Saints @ Rams

This was a high scoring offensive battle. Marc Bulger did a good job and only threw 1 INT and Steven Jackson is tough to bring down. A late TD brought the Rams within a FG but they couldn't recover the onside kick. The Saints pull off another upset. 38-35 was the final score. Padre had 3 tackles and a pass deflection.

Padre playoffs Saints vs Rams  Padre playoffs Saints vs Rams

Padre playoffs Saints vs Rams  Padre playoffs Saints vs Rams

NFC Championship: Saints @ Bears

In sharp contrast to the last game, this one was a defensive battle. I noticed that Brian Griese was the starter and it seems that Rex Grossman suffered a career ending injury at some point during the season fracturing his hip. He only threw 1 INT in this game so I think its safe to say that All-Pro corrected the CPU throwing too many INTs. The Bears didn't even make it into Saints territory until 1 minute left in the 3rd quarter. They went on to score on that drive on a 38 yard TD pass to Bernard Berrian. Despite winning the field position battle the Saints were unable to put up any points until the following drive when they drove and got a FG. Late in the 4th Drew Brees completed a 26 yard pass on 4th and 10 to set up the tying FG and the game went into OT. The Saints won the toss but couldn't move the ball and had to punt it away. The Bears took advantage right away as Cedric Benson shook off a Padre tackle attempt and broke another tackle on his way to a 52 yard TD to win the game. All Padre recorded in this game was 1 tackle, and several missed tackles on Benson, who like Steven Jackson is tough for a CB to tackle one-on-one.

Padre playoffs Saints vs Bears  Padre playoffs Saints vs Bears

Super Bowl

The Colts beat the Bears 42-28 in a SB rematch to win their 2nd consecutive title.


The Pro Bowl was held but auto simmed because Padre hadn't been invited. Throughout the coming months there are many opportunities to take part in the team activities (training) to try and work towards gaining weapons. Padre has been concentrating on the Press Coverage Corner weapon specifically and has upped his rating but hasn't achieved the weapon yet.