Better Madden 08 online performance being seen

Posted August 17th, 2007 at 6:10 am
Larry Johnson Madden 08

While Madden 08 came out of the gates this week with widespread reports of lag and disconnect issues online, the team at EA has been working to improve the experience. It seems that those efforts have paid off. 

For myself, the streak of 16 straight disconnects that began on Tuesday was broken on Thursday afternoon. Despite having played online without witnessing a single disconnect prior to release day, I was unable to get past the first play on the second drive of any game on Tuesday and Wednesday. In most cases it was disconnecting at kickoff. However something must've changed on Thursday to address that issue because I have since played three straight games to completion.

In addition, the accounts of lag-inflicted games seems to have dissipated significantly. Not only did my games play very smooth, but the loading times into the team select screen and into the games are noticeably quicker.

From monitoring various message boards it is apparent that many others are seeing the improvements. While there are still comments being made about lag and/or disconnects, they certainly aren't as dominant a part of the discussion as they were previously.

We'll see how the situation continues to develop. Hopefully EA keeps monitoring the situation and takes action to improve the online performance for those on the 360 and PS3 at every possible opportunity. 

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