NBA Live 08 achievements list

Posted August 26th, 2007 at 7:13 pm
Arenas NBA Live 08

The full list of Xbox 360 achievements for NBA Live 08 has been revealed.

All of the achievements are offline and single player based. There are 26 of them making up the 1000 points.

Personally I feel that achievements in sports titles should come through the natural course of playing the games. That should include some that are specific to different game modes. However I am frustrated when there are several that I know I'll never get before the game has even been released. These are the ones which require you to play the game differently, basically as it isn't intended to be, in order to have any chance to get them.  

For example from this list I know I'll never get the ones based on breaking individual records. And that isn't because of skill, its because I'm not going to turn the quarter length to 15 minutes, put the difficulty on Rookie, and spend 2 hours trying to shoot with only one player (101 points) or take bad shots so that I can try and get a specific player more rebounds (56 rebounds). I don't see how people would find that anything but a waste of time except that now you're being rewarded with an achievement.

There should have been some online/multiplayer achievements along with being more about rewarding accomplishments through the natural course of playing instead of trying to cheat the stats.  

You can check out the full list of achievements here