Mention made of NFL Tour

Posted September 11th, 2007 at 12:17 am

Since being originally announced on July 10th there has been no additional information on NFL Tour from EA Sports. Other than assuming it is the reinvention of the NFL Street franchise and that it will be considered an "arcade" style game there hasn't been much said about it yet.

Earlier this week Peter Moore, who just left Microsoft to head up EA Sports, briefly talked about NFL Tour.

In talking on his company's recently announced football title NFL Tour (PS3, X360), Moore described the game as being a "more arcade experience" in comparison to a game like Madden. "It allows you to extend your football experience through Spring," he said.

The game apparently has no cover athlete as of yet, with Moore indicating the job is a source of great accomplishment for athletes. Alluding to the famed Madden curse as one reason why this may not be the case, he added, "That doesn't stop them from cashing the check."

Further elaborating on the pressing cover athlete situation, Moore announced an open invitation to NFL players to try out for the role. As an example, Miami Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor sent in a video done in the style of a presidential campaign commercial, to which Moore concluded, "It seems like a pretty low bar so far."

I'm really looking forward to finding out more about this game. Hopefully EA can come through and offer a game that has the fun factor of the "arcade" type games while also adding in strategical and sim elements. They have somewhat more freedom to be creative (as shown already by the competition for the cover athlete) and I'd hope to see more done with the online mode such as multi-console co-op. This mix of arcade action, strategy and simulation elements, and great online play is what made 2K's The BIGS so good. It will be interesting to find out whether NFL Tour tries to go a similar route or just goes for the constant flashy action that the Street franchises have been known for.