NBA Live 08 Full Game: Pistons @ Magic

Posted September 26th, 2007 at 3:32 pm

Magic vs Pistons NBA Live 08

Here is another full game from NBA Live 08, this one has the Detroit Pistons facing off against the Orlando Magic on Superstar difficulty.

I’ve gone over a lot of what I like about the game through my community event and demo impressions so it would be redundant for me to talk more about those things right now. I do have a few comments to make on the first couple games I’ve played. As I’ve mentioned in the comments it’s difficult for me to assess the game very well when I’m recording because I have to play through my computer monitor. This adds some challenge as I have more trouble identifying pass icons, telling which player is which, and so on. Once I play more on my TV I’ll add additional impressions of the game, and clarify if I still find these things to be true.

-Compared to what I played back at the community event the fast breaks don’t seem to flow as well. I had opportunities where I’d pass to a guy I figured was going to continue to the basket but he’d stop and wait to receive the pass, thereby ending the fast break.

-The crowd reactions and volume have impressed me. They really get loud for big dunks, or in the case of this Pistons-Magic game, even making critical free throws.

-With all the default settings and the five minute quarters, it seems fatigue doesn’t factor in much if at all. Here I had it on auto-sub, yet it never subbed anyone out as far as I remember.

-The pressure the opposing team puts on your PG after crossing the court is a little frustrating in how aggressive they are. You’ll get swiped on occasion if you’re not extra careful and it makes it a risky proposition to call a play.

-I haven’t had much success with the pick and roll. I’ll keep working on that though.

This will be the last set until late this evening when I should be able to get up the Go-To Moves video displaying them for several players (I already have 20 of them recorded). Additional impressions, answering questions, and possibly more videos will come tomorrow.

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