First NFL Tour interview and screenshots

Posted October 5th, 2007 at 2:10 pm

NFL Tour

Gametap has posted an interview with NFL Tour producer Phil Frazier which goes over some details of NFL Tour. They’ve also posted the first screens from the game. I’ve recapped some of the main points below and you can click on the thumbnails to view the full size images.

It isn’t just NFL Street with a new name. While it falls on the arcade side it isn’t as over the top as the Street franchise became. “It’s a game based on an NFL off-season tour, where fans and athletes get to compete against their favorite NFL heroes and rivals on the field.”

“Your created character gets selected and you get to inject yourself in this NFL Tour with the real players. You get to play with them, hit with them, and the whole payoff to the story is that the winner himself gets a guaranteed contract with the NFL.”

The game is 7 on 7 and has both an offense and defense (players aren’t on the field for both like with Street).

The field is 80 yards and more narrow with walls along the sides.

Games are based on halves (not quarters) and on default they last about 15 minutes. Options such as time and playing to a certain score can be adjusted.

There are no Gamebreakers but there is a Smash Meter which is used by the defense. “Anything you do special in the game builds up this smash meter. “The smash meter itself is a defensive tool–what I like to say is that it enables the defense to have offensive-like control, meaning they enable it before a play starts up. Then–I’ll choose my words carefully–the players become powered up. The players become powered up, their abilities all get jacked up a little bit, they hit a little harder, and it has that Tecmo-feel to it where the defense just swarms the offense.”

The Reversal System is a major feature for the game. “We’re trying to take a lot of the actions in the game that you typically don’t have control over. In previous sports games like Madden, contact happens and then you watch the guys, put the controller down, and start to think about your next play. In NFL Tour you have an opportunity to continue the play at that point, and it happens a lot. On almost every single contact in the game, you have the opportunity to either button mash out of it or pull a reversal and try to spin out of it. The reversal system is almost like a fighting mechanic in a sports game; it’s based 100 percent on twitch skill and being able to hit the right button at the right time, and basically it allows you to never quit on a play.”

There will be 20-30 offensive plays (no punting) and some defensive plays.

Trying to get the ability to take a created player online in but it may not happen as they are concentrating on making sure the experience is lag-free

As I’ve mentioned in the past this kind of game appeals to me more now than ever. The BIGS is still my favorite sports title of the year. The up-tempo but somewhat strategical nature while offering various sim elements made it incredibly enjoyable. It looks like NFL Tour could offer some of that same feel which is what I have been hoping for.

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