More thoughts on EA GameShow

Posted October 27th, 2007 at 3:00 am

EA Gameshow

Night number two of GameShow and once again I got locked into it for over four hours. Thought I would add some more observations. Again if anyone has feedback or suggestions I can have that passed along to the team at EA. I made a couple notes on things I’d like to see below as well.

-I’ve added a tag page for GameShow. So any postings related to it can be found there in one place. Just click gameshow in the tags section of the sidebar. Right now it includes the initial news that GameShow had launched with some of the details on it, my full impressions from the first night, and now this one.

-GameShow has a myspace page which can be found here.

-You can text the show at 85186. At different points the hosts may ask for feedback or comments via text.

-I was joined in the room for part of the evening by rdogg1026 and marinerman. I think there was one or two others but I’m forgetting the names. Pretty neat to see some of the guys who visit here get in on it.

-I mentioned in my opening impressions that GameShow can always be fresh because they keep the topics up-to-date and bring in ones that are relevant to that day or week. A few examples would be the “NFL Week 8 injury list” which is one I cleaned up on, and there was also one called “Big Game: USC/OU” which centered on this weekend’s top college matchup. Some of the other categories were “Cavaliers spotlight”, “Smallish NBA players”, “Back from retirement”, State schools without a state name”, “AFC West”, and “NBA point guards” which was a lighting round. Earlier in the day there was some pop culture rounds which is a nice change of pace, but I came on late and only got to go through one session of that.

-Of the power-ups the 6x chicken is the strongest. They’ll probably have to make adjustments to balance things out more. I only messed it up once, the first time I used it, by waiting a fraction of a second too late. That stung. After that I had it down so I was getting between 5300-5700 with them.

-I won the overall three times and the West region around eight times.

EA Gameshow

-The hosts mentioned that coming up in the near future there will be IPods up for raffle.

-On the topic of avatars, it was also stated that there will be items in the store that are available only on specific days/occasions.

-I’d like to see them add something along the lines of a friends list. So you could scope out any that are online and invite them to a room or easily view their stats.

-It might be cool to have a chat room type area while playing or in between where people could interact with others as well as the hosts.

-I can’t find a way to change the system time for the game. It is an hour behind and no where in the options is there a place to set your time zone or current time.

-Here are my stats at the moment: 73% correctly answered with an average of 21,694 points which leaves me sitting in 5th place overall. I’ve leveled up in NFL, MLB, and NBA and currently my top category is MLB.

I’ll be on again during the live session tonight (Saturday). It’s likely that I’ll be on for most if not all of the entire thing. So if you want to hop into the Washington room I should be there, or I could set up a private room if we are able to coordinate it.