Suggestions for EA GameShow

Posted October 31st, 2007 at 12:35 am

EA GameShow

Here is a list of suggestions/ideas I have come up with for GameShow. Most of these were just noted as I was playing and I feel could make GS even better. If you have any of your own feel free to leave them in the comments and I can have those passed along as well.

-Friends lists so you can find them when they’re on and invite them into rooms or easily pull up their stats.

-It would be nice to have chat ability. Even if it is just for in between sessions.

-Have updated leaderboards/stats on the website.

-Have the full day’s session schedule on the website.

-Keep track of region and overall wins in stats.

-Changes to the power-ups (this is something they’re well aware is needed). I think a cool one would involve it only working on the star question which is generally the toughest or one that is used on a random question so it’s riskier. Maybe a streak one, where it pays out big if you get 5, 10, however many right in a row. I’m sure if I thought about it I could come up with a few cool ideas for power-ups.

-Guest hosts, or have players call in and go on the air with the hosts.

-I know its probably a userbase thing, but Mac support would be good. I’ve gotten a couple responses from people who have Macs and are disappointed they can’t get in on it.

-I think its cool that there will be avatar items that are there one day and gone the next. Hopefully keep the items fresh and updated on a constant basis. Nothing new has been added since I started and there isn’t a big variety right now.

-Tokens seem a little easy to come by. They come in handy for the raffles, but if they were a little tougher to earn they would seem more valuable. The balance would still be the same. I am already at a point where I can buy any power-ups and avatar items I would want from here on out and never come close to getting low.

-Rather than only being able to go into rooms that are in your favorites, maybe open up all states to select from.

-Add arrow to scroll when selecting options. Right now its just the bar and it is a little tough to control.

-There isn’t a way to change or set the time and/or time zone and right now mine is an hour behind.

-All of the sudden the last two couple times I’ve logged in all my preferences have been reset/completely different. That includes the ticker, full screen view, and the keys that correspond to the answer selections and power-ups.