NFL Tour to be $10 cheaper than the standard?

Posted November 3rd, 2007 at 1:37 am

NFL Tour

Gamespot/EB Games now displays NFL Tour as having a price drop to $49.99 with Amazon having added Tour at the same $49.99. This would represent a $10 savings over all the EA Sports titles that have been released for the 360/PS3 so far.

Changes such as this only happen when they get specific information. It seems likely that EA will be presenting the new title at a reduced and more consumer friendly price, and other retailers have since followed with the price adjustment.

Could this be a sign of a shift in pricing strategy EA wide? Recently EA CEO John Riccitiello commented that it may be coming time to embrace change to the thought that games needed to stay at the current $59.99 level.

I dont know if this is the first step in a new plan but it certainly is positive news. A more reasonable price for a brand new title such as NFL Tour will make it easier for people to justify taking a chance on it. It is a good idea when trying to build up what could potentially be a new franchise.

NFL Tour is set to release on Tuesday January 8th for the 360 and PS3.