ESPN reaches deal with Microsoft for downloadable programming

Posted November 5th, 2007 at 1:04 pm

Microsoft will soon begin offering ESPN programming through the Xbox 360’s Live Marketplace. This will include full college basketball and football games within 48 hours of their completion as well as original programming such as Madden Nation and The Contender.

Full games: $3 SD, $4.50 HD

TV shows: $2 SD, $3 HD

While it never hurts to be given more options, I just don’t see this being very successful. People watch games live for a reason. Who would be willing to pay that much to catch games that are history when highlights are easily accessible and ESPN often replays them that same night? Then consider the prevalence of TIVO and DVRs that have made their way into homes. And you would need to pay me to watch Madden Nation and I still wouldn’t enjoy that experience.