Ridiculous post spotlight

Posted November 17th, 2007 at 1:28 pm


Spending a lot of time browsing various message boards it becomes easy to get overwhelmed by the serious nature that sports games are treated by the hardcore fans. However occasionally you stumble across a thread or post that startles you with just how ridiculous it is. So I thought it might be amusing to spotlight one on occasion. If you find one you think qualifies feel free to email it in to me and I’ll take it under consideration for future idiotic post highlights.

A while back I singled out a writer who claimed that EA was showing racism by specifically choosing African American players for the cover of Madden. The reasoning being the obvious knowledge that the curse will strike the player on the cover causing them to have a disappointing or injury plagued season. This is a good example of what I’d like to find and ridicule.

To kick it off this winner comes from the 2K Sports forum. In an effort to add to the ultra-realism of 2K’s new boxing title Prizefighter the suggestion is made that deaths should occur in the ring.


I dont know about you but the ability for fighters to die should be in game if you take one to many punches or if you fight to long because thats really what happens to fighters boxing is a dangerious sport lets not suger coat it.

Indeed, lets not “suger coat it” people. The career mode should include the path taken by the movie Million Dollar Baby. Imagine the emotion involved. I can think of a few uses for the Wii motion controls in this mode. Think about how powerful it would be to literally pull the cord while at your boxer’s bedside. That is innovation in sports gaming.