2K Share items for College Hoops 2K8

Posted November 23rd, 2007 at 1:09 am

CH 2K8

Have something that you have posted onto 2K Share for College Hoops 2K8? Leave the info in the comments section or shoot me an email via the contact form and I will add it to the list below. Rosters, Legacy, crowd chants, sliders, playbooks, ect. Include any info that is needed to search and locate the file and a short description.

To access 2K Share you will need to be connected to the internet through Xbox Live or the Playstation Network. A Gold Xbox Live account is not required as a Silver account can use the 2K Share features as well. In the menu go to “Features” and then “2K Share” and “Browse Shares”.

Roster files (Courtesy of Operation Sports)

360: “OS Complete V1” hosted by DOAsaturn

360: “OS Complete V2C” hosted by warnerwlf98. Based off V1 but includes coaches names.

360: “Rerated OS V 2.5” is the latest. Based off V2 but with ratings and rotations adjustments

360: “OS Community Ver3 w/Courtedit” hosted by WallyWonka. Based off V2 but includes court fixes.

PS3: “Lan’s Completed Rosters” hosted by Lanteri87


360: ***Tomba321’s College Hoops 2k8 Slider Set*** (Details on it found here at OS)