EA Jersey creator contest has a winner

Posted November 24th, 2007 at 2:16 am


After sorting through 30,000 submissions over the course of about six weeks EA has selected the winner of the jersey creator contest. The Golden State Warriors submission above was deemed to be the best. This jersey will be a free download in NBA Live 09.

I went through the jerseys labeled as “EA Favorites” and found some I liked a lot even more than the one that was chosen as the winner. I previously spotlighted a handful and I still am somewhat partial to the two Grizzlies entries. Click the thumbnails below to see some of the best ones that were made. Hopefully next year they take this idea another step and have the ability to create jerseys and share them in the Forza mold.

hawkscreated1122.jpg hornetscreated1122.jpg jazzcreated1122.jpg

clipperscreated1122.jpg knickscreated1122.jpg netscreated1122.jpg

sonicscreated1122.jpg Grizzlies grizzliescreated1121.jpg