Updates on a few of the upcoming games

Posted December 1st, 2007 at 1:49 pm


Over the past couple days some news has arrived on several of the upcoming releases. Summaries for each game are below.

March Madness 08– I’ve added a bunch of new screenshots to the gallery and make sure to check out the Q&A I recently posted. I’m expecting to have my copy of the game next week and as usual the prerelease coverage will include impressions and videos.

NFL Tour– I will be getting hands-on time with NFL Tour in about two weeks. I’ll be following up by posting my impressions and any media that I am cleared to release. Because of this the Q&A that I had prepared may just be held off until that point where I should be able to get answers and additional information straight from the producers.

NBA Ballers– A preview of “Chosen One” has been posted up at psxextreme. It goes into a little more detail than just what was included in the press release. I think I’m most intrigued by the camera angles being described as “action movie-esque”.

Backbreaker– 1UP posted a couple screenshots that the Backbreaker team sent over to display the level of customization that will be available in the game. This is an area that the recent All-Pro Football 2K8 didn’t take full advantage of. Check out the screenshots here. It is still unknown whether this will be a downloadable title through Xbox Live and PSN or if it will be a full retail game.

MLB 2K8– Not much is known about the game yet but the time for info is approaching. It is likely that the push will begin soon after the holidays. I tend to anticipate baseball games more than any others so I am really looking forward to it. After three years of Derek Jeter the cover is way overdue for a change. Whether it continues to be Jeter or they’ve gone with someone new that will probably be the first thing that is revealed.