March Madness 08 full game #2

Posted December 8th, 2007 at 8:40 am


Here is another full game once again broken down into three videos. This matchup has the Oregon Ducks traveling to face the Washington Huskies. Varsity difficulty with 10 minute halves and default settings.

I’m not sure why but this one just seemed to flow better than the first. Even the game speed seemed a little quicker. I think you guys will notice the difference between the two. Part of it probably has to do with how I’m beginning to get more comfortable with the controls and the type of discipline needed to be successful. After the first game I was prepared to write about how it didn’t feel much if at all different from the demo but now I’m going to have to play some more before I make a determination one way or the other. I’m also planning on posting a video with the game speed slider turned up for comparison sake.

I wasn’t able to call any plays in this game which must’ve been some kind of glitch. You’ll see me pull up the plays but then they stick on the screen and don’t go away when I’d try and choose one. Didn’t have that problem in the first game.

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