NFL Tour gets an even better price

Posted December 13th, 2007 at 5:20 pm


EA has adjusted the pricing strategy lately on the PS3 and 360 taking games such as March Madness 08 and the upcoming FIFA Street 3 and releasing them at $49.99. NFL Tour was also slated for the lower price as noted back in early November.

However EA has now reduced the price of NFL Tour even more. The game will be only $39.99.

Again this makes a lot of sense given that they are hoping for more people to give it a chance and eventually build it into a yearly or bi-yearly franchise. Also considering that it releases soon after the holidays (January 8th) it would’ve been a much tougher sell at the $60 or even $50 price points. Seeing $39.99 for a brand new NFL licensed game on those two consoles is certainly much more appealing and will allow it to reach a broader audience.