GameShow December update coming Monday

Posted December 15th, 2007 at 8:35 am

EA GameShow

Thanks to the blog posting on the EA GameShow website we know the full details of the December update. It is set to be released on Monday morning 12/17.

Earlier in the week back I mentioned some of the new features and improvements that were planned along with some of my thoughts on them. Now we have a more extensive list of what will be in the 1.1 version.

I’m excited for the new release and should get a chance to try it out on Tuesday. I’ll post my impressions of the changes soon after that.

6-player VoIP in rooms
3 new power-ups
Streak logic fixed
Streak animations in game room
Poll results screen
Variable question scoring (e.g. questions 10 – 15 count for 2,000 pts per)
Wager screen now shows total number of questions for that round
Mouse wheel support
Intro and exit animations for avatars
Tally animations
Full Screen button moved to Mappings page
Numbering added to leaderboards because idiot designer forgot them
In the shop, power-ups that are assigned but empty are now grayed out
Raffle summary page ordered by expiration date
Must fill out personal info before raffle purchase
360 Controller support
Avatar image added to certain screens
Dynamic game version # on sign-in screen
Added prizing rules to raffle screen
Rotate globe to show more of Canada
Minor changes, tweaks, updates (e.g. pallette icon in shop now animates)