MLB 2K8 demo impressions

Posted January 18th, 2008 at 2:33 am


Vetzballin had an opportunity to play a demo version of MLB 2K8 and has posted up some initial impressions and info about the game. You can read the entire writeup and view some new screens by clicking here.

Some of the things discussed include the new hitting and pitching systems, using the right analog to throw to bases when fielding, baserunning, and the player cards.

Graphically a lot of people seem to be disappointed with what they’re seeing and its almost as if the game took a step back from last year. Whether that is the case or not, and if it could be related to getting the game to run at 60fps, is difficult to say at this point.

You could really sense the potential that the game had last year but it was held back by some frustrating issues. From the impressions it sounds as though they’ve spent a great deal of effort addressing them. At the same time it seems like they’ve changed a lot so it’ll be interesting to see how well people adapt and how much those changes improve the experience.