Fake Madden 08 press release making the rounds

Posted January 25th, 2008 at 2:51 am


Late Thursday a supposed press release for Madden 08 began showing up on various forums and was posted at this site. In it a patch is detailed that would address online “tactics” being exploited by users and changes made to gameplay and options in order to address those issues.

However it appears that this “press release” is simply an attempt at parody. There are several reasons to believe this is the case.

  1. No such press release has been distributed
  2. It contains grammar/spelling errors
  3. It is written in interview style and not true press release form
  4. There are several hard to believe changes proposed
  5. Unrealistic statements supposedly from EA
  6. (Update) And now confirmation from EA that it is fake

I wanted to get out on top of this before too many people buy into this as being real. Thankfully there is no update coming that will force QBs to use vision passing or penalize teams for running or passing too much (among other ridiculous things mentioned).