MLB 2K8 full inning video

Posted January 30th, 2008 at 3:31 am


The first four short clips of MLB 2K8 recently released by IGN were met with a general sense of disappointment. It was the first chance to see the game in motion and the improvements that had been talked about but they weren’t really evident given the length of the videos and what was chosen to be shown.

So naturally the next look at the game comes from a foreign source with the audio being out of sync. Again it does little to raise the expectations of the 360 owners anticipating the game or the PS3 owners comparing it to The Show. I’m most concerned by the screen transition stutter/pause since that can’t attributed to the quality of the video.

Why 2K allows their game to be shown in this light I don’t know. They have the opportunity to release their own videos but instead have chosen to rely solely on IGN (and likely other media sites soon) who continually mistreat sports titles as they proved once again with the 2K8 clips.

It is understandable that the companies go to the large media sites because of the exposure they bring. But it wouldn’t hurt to give a few opportunities to others who would respect their game and display it in the proper manner. I know I would be more than happy to post up full game videos played in a realistic manner and create other content if given the chance.

Continue on to view the video which is “demo mode” meaning CPU vs CPU. Keep in mind that the audio being out of sync is not an issue with the actual game but with the video itself.