NBA Live 08 roster update #2 details

Posted February 15th, 2008 at 4:24 pm


Here are the changes made in the second roster update for NBA Live 08 that was released earlier today. Like the previous roster update there has only been player movement. The two major recent trades (Lakers-Grizzlies, Suns-Heat) are included. Unfortunately no ratings changes, players added to the game, or FIBA update. Hopefully another update will be done soon after the trade deadline.

Also if you missed it there is free All-Star Weekend related downloadable content available. Details of that can be found here. Continue on to view the list of changes made in roster update #2.

  • New All-Star team rosters
  • New Rookie Team rosters (minus Jamario Moon)
  • Shaquille O’Neal (#32) traded to Phoenix Suns
  • Shawn Marion (#7) traded to Miami Heat
  • Marcus Banks (#2) traded to Miami Heat
  • Pau Gasol (#16) traded to Los Angeles Lakers
  • Kwame Brown (#54) traded to Memphis Grizzlies
  • Chris Webber (#4) signs with Golden State Warriors
  • Earl Boykins (#11) signs with Charlotte Bobcats
  • Kyle Korver (#26) traded to Utah Jazz
  • Gordan Giricek (#11) traded to Philadelphia 76ers
  • Stromile Swift (#6) traded to New Jersey Nets
  • Jason Collins (#34) traded to Memphis Grizzlies
  • Luis Scola (#4) traded to Houston Rockets
  • Juan Carlos Navarro (#2) added to Memphis Grizzlies
  • Darrell Armstrong added to New Jersey Nets