A few new MLB 2K8 details

Posted February 20th, 2008 at 7:29 am


The March issue of Game Informer has made its way out and it includes an article on MLB 2K8 that mentions a few previously unknown details about the game.

There is so much content included in the game that it couldn’t all fit onto the 360 disc. Free downloadable content will be provided for what was left out

Apparently the 360 version of the game is lacking the unlockable stadiums and Cool Base alternate uniforms that the PS3 version has. Because of that they will be made available on release day as free downloadable content. While this shouldn’t bother those who have access to Xbox Live, those who don’t will miss out on the content completely which is unfortunate. It is somewhat surprising to hear of capacity issues when games such as Madden and NCAA Football pack so much in without having to take similar measures.

The hitting window has expanded from three frames in 2K7 to 12-16 frames in 2K8. This should increase the ability to protect the plate by being able to foul balls off as well as provide better hit variety.

It is good to read some specifics on how contact at the plate has been addressed. Last year the lack of hit variety was one of the most glaring problems with the game. It remains to be seen whether this will result in the level of consistency necessary to where home runs aren’t the sole source of scoring. One of the questions I submitted for the conference call on Friday deals with this topic so hopefully I’ll be able to detail the work they did in this area even further in the recap.