MLB 2K8 trading card system detailed

Posted February 24th, 2008 at 3:03 am


My perception of the MLB 2K8 trading card feature completely changed coming out of the conference call. Prior to that it didn’t really interest me. I remember my original thought was it seemed like a feature made with the purpose of being used for promotion of the game and that it would end up as little more than a gimmick. That was probably due in part to the lame Madden cards of years past.

However after coming to the realization that they are essentially an extension of Xbox Live achievements I started to understand the appeal. Then thinking of the online possibilities with creating your own card teams (while being limited by a salary cap based on the tiers) I started to get really excited.

Gamespot has posted a preview of the trading card system with SportsGamer going into more details. I’d suggest reading those to get a thorough idea of what the card system entails.

I’m now contemplating the possibility of running a card team online night or competition of sorts. I think it’d be fun to see how people have built their teams and how much time went into earning the cards at different levels to do so. I’m confident I could come up with a framework to make that enjoyable. Let me know if you guys might be interested in something like that.