Another sign The Show is coming this week

Posted February 25th, 2008 at 8:47 am


So after writing about the release date changes on Amazon and Gamefly, and prior to that how historically the baseball games bump their releases up, I’ve been monitoring the other main websites as well as authorizations from pre-orders for MLB 08: The Show.

EB/Gamestop still lists The Show as a 3/3 release. However my credit card now shows the full authorization charge for the game. Meanwhile my MLB 2K8 preorder, which incidentally is listed with the same release date, has not posted. Generally the authorization is done a few days before shipping with the actual charge coming when the game is shipped. The Friday before a Tuesday release is when you see the authorizations appear most of the time.

Assuming this is the case and The Show is set to ship later this week (Thursday if Amazon is correct) expect the date to change on the EB/Gamestop websites very soon possibly even today. Again this doesn’t mean with 100% certainty that the game is coming out early but combined with the other factors it’s really starting to seem like more than just a coincidence.

Update: Since writing this EB/GS has changed the ship date from 3/3 to 3/4 (however right underneath that it guarantees delivery on the 4th meaning a ship date of the 3rd) and Amazon has changed from 2/28 to 2/29 (though my estimated delivery date still shows 2/29). Gamecrazy now showing 2/28 release date. So something is up, it’s just a question of how things are going to settle out and it’s worth watching for further developments today and tomorrow.

Update #2: Amazon and Gamefly have both adjusted their dates to next week. It appears that The Show will be sticking with the original date. However both The Show and 2K8¬†could possibly¬†arrive at stores earlier than that and it’s just a matter of whether they sell them or hold them until Tuesday.