First NFL Head Coach 09 details and screenshots

Posted February 26th, 2008 at 12:15 pm


The official website for NFL Head Coach 09 has gone live and it includes new details about the game. IGN also posted an early preview of the game which includes some good info which you can check out here. It seems as though they’ve really attempted to get away from the procedural monotony of the original Head Coach and have introduced some live elements that will keep the pace up and make things interesting.

I also have posted up the first 25 screens from the game. There are a few below which you can view full size by clicking the thumbnails and the rest can be found in the screenshot gallery. I’ve summarized some of the more notable aspects of the game to be mentioned:

The draft will allow for trading of future draft picks. This is something that the community had asked for in the previous Head Coach as well as in Madden.

It looks like NFL Network and ESPN integration will actually be present. Adam Schefter and Todd McShay of their respective networks will provide commentary all year long on upcoming draft picks. They have created 21,000 rookies with their own unique ratings, stories, and personalities.

The CPU will propose trades as well as trade between themselves

Scouting will unlock more information about a player. Scout during the regular season, Senior All-Star Game, NFL Combine, Pro Days, and individual workouts.

Trade negotiation in a live environment with a timer in negotiation with CPU general managers

“Ebay like” bidding process for free agents

Dangle restricted free agents in the hope that another team will give up a draft pick/s for them

nflheadcoach6.jpg nflheadcoach7.jpg nflheadcoach13.jpg nflheadcoach16.jpg